Samsung LN-T5271F TV FIX
Replace Some Capacitors And Stop The Clicking
And Prevent a Much More Expensive Repair in the Future

Samsung LN-T5271F Clicking sound repair

Like Me - You Bought a Beautiful 52" LCD Samsung TV - But...

Then, one day, you noticed a CLICKING SOUND over and over again when you turned on the power and IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE !
The CLICKING SOUND is a relay that will wear out because it is not supposed to click 10 times - only once. It is caused by FAULTY CAPACITORS in the power supply board.

I FIXED my TV and YOU CAN TOO. I've made it VERY EASY to do with my "Capacitor Repair Kit" SPECIFICALLY for the Samsung LN-T5271F TV - others offer general instructions that don't match your TV!

Your options are:

  • Take it to a TV repair company - cost will be $300 to $500 to replace the power supply board.
  • Use it the way it is and HOPE the bad capacitors inside don't burn out the clicking relay, causing an even more expensive repair.
  • Fix the TV yourself or have a skilled friend or family member help you do the repair.

Imagine - Being Able to Say You Fixed Your Own TV! and For $19.95!

Keep Reading And You Will See It's Easy With Basic Skills

It's Likely That You Can Replace Some Capacitors in Your TV
Here are the skills and tools you'll need:

  • › Be able to lift the TV with a friend and lay it screen down on your bed
  • › Have a soldering iron and be able to solder
  • › Be able to use simple hand tools - philips head screwdriver and wire cutters
  • › Follow step by step directions with large pictures for each step - in English

Don't have the skills or tools? Maybe a friend or family can help you

I've created an online step by step guide with large pictures that show you:

  • How to open the TV
  • How to locate the faulty capacitors
  • How to remove and then replace the capacitors
  • What obstacles to watch out for
  • My guide is only for the LN-T5271F TV. Others give you a general guide that does not match your TV and can cause you big misery.

The KIT includes:

  • Unlimited access to the "Capacitor Repair Kit LN-T5271F" guide
  • Ability to print the guide to have it with you when doing the repair
  • High Quality Replacement capacitors to solve the clicking problem for this TV and stop the channels changing all by themselves.
  • 4" of rosin core solder (might contain lead)
  • Where to get a soldering iron for $4.99 or less if you need one
  • Troubleshooting section

Now you can fix your Samsung LN-T5271F TV!

This is Why You Should Buy This KIT:

  • You'll see how I disassemble without breaking the case - and more importantly without breaking the screen. it's easy when you know how.
  • I'll explain where to get a soldering iron cheap if you need one.
  • I include a detailed guide for this exact TV - not a general guide that is dangerous
  • Easy to follow step by step directions - large clear pictures for each step - in English
  • You get high quality replacement capacitors with the correct temperature rating.
  • This repair guide and capacitors are not available anywhere else.

An added benefit - once you replace the capacitors, you will feel more comfortable with other repairs in the future.

The "Capacitor Repair Kit LN-T5271F" includes only the capacitors needed to fix the clicking problem on this TV. No other repairs for other problems are included.

Due to the nature of this product, there is no warranty or refunds of any kind. Although I consider this a simple repair and have made the instructions simple and easy to read and understand, step by step with lots of pictures, someone might not agree.

If you can't solder a capacitor to a printed circuit board or feel you can't learn how, don't order this kit. In the highly unlikely event that you receive a defective capacitor, I will replace it if there is no evidence of damage by the buyer.

Shipping and Handling: $2.95 (USA)
***International buyers, contact me by email for additional postage.
You will be sent the "Capacitor Repair Kit LN-T5271F" after your payment is completed and received. Total price is $19.95 (capacitor kit) + $2.95 (shipping - USA)

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Capacitor Repair Kit - LN-T5271F TV
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